Location Portraits -- Corporate Events & Portraits
Image Modification & Photo Restoration
Weddings, Senior portraits

Corporate Imagery -- Products, Staff portraits, Facilities
Collateral imagery for Political campaigns
Accepting Photography assignments for Marketing projects

Graphic Design for Marketing

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator projects.
Power Point presentations.

Print ads, flyers, brochures, Point of Sale cards.
Newsletters, business sets, business cards. Packaging design, print design & print brokering (quotes available for printing on any of the above).
Political Campaign pieces; Design, photography & printing of mailers, handouts & Yard Signs

Website Design

Start-up websites -- Hosting -- Updating -- Maintenance & Revisions
Enjoy very affordable pricing for any or all of these services. Save time, save money and maintain artistic integration throughout your project by using us as a single-source for your next creative piece.

Commercial photography - Product photography - website photography -- Best Photographer in Saint Lucie County
Serving Vero Beach and nearby areas - Photography, Graphic Design, Website Design
"Vero Beach's Digital Media Experts"